Re: Reefer info

Richard Hendrickson

On Jul 13, 2008, at 4:29 PM, Roger Hinman wrote:

PRKX were Pork & Pollard cars probably delivering feed; they were
quite common in New England';
the DSDX may have been carrying Schlitz beer

Roger Hinman
On Jul 12, 2008, at 9:40 PM, armprem1 wrote:

I am seeking information on the following reefers:SF 1045 ,DSDX
716 ,SDDX 753 ,PSKX 646 ,PRKX , DLW 7030 ,NCGX 3734 ,GREX
102001 ,GPEX

Uh, Roger that's PARK & Pollard (actually, the P. & P. Car Line of
Buffalo, NY); No pork involved, AFAIK. DSDX 716 was probably
carrying beer, as you suggest, though not necessarily Schlitz beer.
If "SF 1045" was actually SFRC 1045, that was a 53' mechanical
reefer. class Rr-66, built by GATC in 1960. SDDX looks like a
misprint (maybe for DSDX 753, a valid number); there are no SDDX
reporting marks shown in any of my ORERs); same for PSKX 646
(possibly PRKX 646, another valid number). DL&W 7030 was one of the
Lackawanna's 7000-7299 series reefers. NCGX 3734 was operated by the
National Refrigerator Car Co. (i.e, MDT, i.e., NYC); I'm not sure
which lessor the reporting marks represented. GREX is also either a
misprint or a mis-copy. The number would work for GAEX 102001,
series 100000-109999, which were 50' General American box cars with
DF loaders.

Richard Hendrickson

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