Re: A different distribution question

Tim O'Connor

Waybill/switchlist programs generally assign cars to be loaded either on the
branchline, or "offline" somewhere for delivery to the branchline. How clever
these programs are about assigning cars is highly variable. The software that
I wrote had rules for each industry, rules for each car, and general rules about
assignments (e.g. empty cars online would be preferred for online industries
if they are in the same division). Once the rules are set down, then the program
more or less randomly chooses cars in turn, checking to see if each car can be
assigned. (Many may not be, and they are skipped over, to try again later.)

If you have 200-300 freight cars from many railroads, but your branch only takes
20 cars at a time, then over time you might never repeat the same combination
of cars.


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From: "Kurt Laughlin" <fleeta@...>
What is the appropriate starting point or algorithim for determining the road
make up of cars on a working branch line where there are no through trains and
no storage tracks? (That is, the effects of cars being stored due to economic
conditions are not a factor in calculating "home road percentage".)


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