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Dave Nelson

Kurt, I doubt there are many facts available upon which you can draw a good
conclusion. Here's a guess for ordinary boxcars: On the branch, if the
ratio of carload shipments to receipts distinctly favors shipments you'd
probably have a condition where there are not enough inbound boxcars loads
to meet the shipment needs. Odds would be good, IMO, that somewhere nearby
there might well be a supply of home road cars sitting around in protective
service, waiting to be pulled and sent up the branch. Conversely, if the
ratio of shipments: receipts favors receipts, there would be little need for
home road cars and, IMO, far fewer would be seen. Now of course what's not
on the branch, but nearby, plays into the equation too,as the
shipment:receipts ratio might well be quite different over there and so
effect what's seen on the branchline.

Another consideration might be the situation of a grain harvest. Boxcars
from all over get reserved and put to use in that situation.

I think, in the end, the best advice might be: YMMV. :)

Dave Nelson

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What is the appropriate starting point or algorithim for determining the
road make up of cars on a working branch line where there are no through
trains and no storage tracks? (That is, the effects of cars being stored
due to economic conditions are not a factor in calculating "home road

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