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Larry, I have not checked for a reply, however on the NP 6000
automobile series, they were a single sheath design, class of 1923
based on an SP design (the order was a rush and was tacked onto an SP
build currently on line at GAC, different roof (radial of course),
other minor details like the lower sill,
find details here; <
2FNP%20Box%20Cars> .

The cars were later rebuilt into the NP Pig Palace cars.

Of the NP, XM, Box, 44850-48799, 40'3", 8'8", 5'6", 80000, 503, NA
cars, I will check the car books tommorrow evening at the archives.
Jim Dick - St. Paul, MN

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Hi Folks
Work is progressing on pinning down the sheathing type (single-
sheathed, double-sheathed, steel, other) for box, auto, and
ventilator cars listed in the January 1938 ORER. There remain some
33,000 unknowns of the over 764,000 listed, however.
Below are the series with the largest number of unknowns. If anyone
can tell me whether they are DS, SS, or steel, I would be most
grateful. A build or rebuild date would also be appreciated.

NP, XAF, Auto, 6000-6999, 50'3", 10'0", 9'10", 100000, 290, NA

Also, I believe the following series are double-sheathed, but am not
certain. Can anyone confirm or refute my supposition?

NP, XM, Box, 44850-48799, 40'3", 8'8", 5'6", 80000, 503, NA

Best wishes,
Larry Ostresh
Laramie, Wyoming

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