MOW cars in interchange service


I think railroads with small fleets of freight cars used in MOW service
sometimes listed those cars in the ORERs so they could be sent off line
to be loaded with supplies.

There's a photo of a grey LIRR GR (or GRA?) gon on Ted's freight car
site that I think falls into this category.

An alternative would be to receive supplies in foreign road gons and
unload the supplies or pay demmurge on the cars until the supplies were

Within the past 10 years I saw a string (10-20) of LIRR gons going over
the Hellgate bridge. The Long Island railroad certainly doesn't have
many customers sending goods by rail (except for junk yards).

They upheld the tradition of grey gon in MOW service too. I saw a
string of about 10 - 52 ft. Bethlehem style gons on a siding about 10
years ago.


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