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The C&O 20000-series Roger Ballast Cars were always listed in the ORERs. They had ballast load limit lines marked on their sides and some even pool markings saying they had to get back to the district engineers by such dates. Apparently it was common to use them before a coal miners' strike or standard mine shut-down times, etc. to build up a stockpile in the system. The Michigan car ferries also got much of their coal brought up from WV and KY via ballast cars.

Al Kresse

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Ed wrote:

I think railroads with small fleets of freight cars used in MOW service
sometimes listed those cars in the ORERs so they could be sent off line
to be loaded with supplies.
The YV listed all of their freight cars and passenger cars in the ORERs even
though none was to used in interchange service. Go figure...<g>

Jack Burgess

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