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To blame the NYO&W's demise on per diem is a real stretch!


You are absolutely correct. My choice of words ("Apparently not") was
a poor one. I should have said something like..."Apparently NYO&W's
share of revenue was not enough to offset its total operating costs,
including that of any per diem deficits."

In fact, 1941 statistics for average distribution of revenue between
types of expense and net profit is as follows:

41.1% Labor (Salaries and Wages)
16.1% Other Materials and Supplies Misc.
10.2% Taxes
5.7% Fuel
4.4% Depreciation
2.5% Hire of Equipment and Joint Facility Net Rentals
1.3% Loss and Damage, Injury to Persons, Insurance & Pensions

18.7% Net Operating Income

Note that "Car Hire" is the process which results in per diem charges.

Above numbers are from "Analysis of Railroad Operations", Joseph L.
White, Simmons-Boardman, 1946

John Hile
Blacksburg, VA

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