Re: Per Diem and the NYO&W

Bill Schneider <branchline@...>

Get the facts straight Tim - its state highway 17, not 7. And the O&W did owe a ton of back taxes that the state stopped forgiving when they needed the ROW for the roadway.... :>)

Seriously, from what I understand operating costs and wages ate up nearly all of the revenue in the later years. Considering that the O&W's route really was fairly tortuous compared to the Erie's which ran almost parallel, I'm always amazed that they managed to get ANY bridge traffic, but there actually was a fair amount in the '50's. However, nearly all of the revenue came from the Scranton-Maybrook line, and yet there were other lines and branches that continued to be maintained and which drew down the company coffers despite the lack of income from them.

I'm sure that copies of the annual reports are available from the O&W Society if anybody REALLY wants to pursue this...

Bill Schneider

Heck we might as well go back to conspiracy theory -- that NYO&W
was doomed because NY wanted its right of way for state highway #7.
Tim O'Connor

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