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Imagine the size of the Belt Railway of Chicago's deficit --
they usually had 10,000 or more cars of other railroads on
their property!

Actually, as a Terminal Switching Road and/or Intermediate Switching
Road, performing those services for fixed fees, and not receiving part
of the freight rate, the Belt Railway of Chicago would have been able
to reclaim a certain amount of per diem charges based on the "Code of
Switching Reclaim Rules." IIRC, this is how the Belt Railway of
Chicago operated…and others on the list may be able to confirm this.

In general, the rules say that the switching road will use the
"average time required for the switching road to switch cars for all
roads" as a basis for reclaim of per diem. The Code of Per Diem
Rules, however, limits the total number of reclaim days to a maximum
of five for switching roads. Intermediate switching roads (handling a
car from one railroad to another) are limited to reclaim one day's per
diem only.

John Hile
Blacksburg, VA

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