Re: Per Diem and the NYO&W

Malcolm H. Houck

Who was feeding NYO&W from the west at Scranton? Lackawanna?

Lehigh Valley, via Austin Junction at the end of the Capouse Branch. The run
was then from Scranton to Maybrook, with traffic thence over the CNE Bridge
to New England via the New Haven (50.5% common stockholder [plus other
holdings in preferred] in the NYO&W and after the Vanderbilt-Mellen-Morgan "Corsair

In Tony Koester's softcover Kalmbach book on planning for realistic
operation he reproduces an image of a routing schedule that includes one of the NYO&W
symbol freights; -- running NKP-LV-NYO&W-NH from the Midwest to New England;
-- an "Alphabet Route."

Mal Houck

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