Re: PFE Paint Reference, Was Re: PFE reefers

Tim O'Connor


Star Brand makes a good PFE color. They make the SP box car red
too, which is the same as PFE brown I think.

I used to use Accupaint CN orange (a very bright orange) and "step"
on it a bit to tone it down. That worked well too. I match to the pages
in Tony's PFE book.

For faded SFRD (Santa Fe) I really like Accupaint MEC Harvest Yellow.
It matches the Intermountain SFRD reefer colors almost perfectly.

Tim O'

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From: "John Golden" <golden1014@...>

While we're on the subject, can anyone suggest a good paint match so
I can properly finish the PFE wood reefer I have on the workbench?

Thank you,

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