PFE Paint Reference, Was Re: PFE reefers


Thank you, Mike and Tony!


John Golden
Bloomington, IN

--- In STMFC@..., "Mike Brock" <brockm@...> wrote:

In reply to John Golden's message regarding a good color for
Orange, Tony Thompson writes:

It's "Daylight Orange," John, and most of the commercial ones are
pretty decent matches.

True. In fact, since every PFE orange painted on a real car
differed after
one or two months in service, I try to use every Daylight Orange I
can find.
I also plan to paint my next Tichy R-40-4 in reefer white to start
Then I'll probably over paint that with black and then add some
dirt color.
Only then will I apply UP Armor Yellow. I figure that should give
me a good
starting place from where to start weathering. No idea what it
will look
like but I know it will match at least one car in a 1950 train of
reefers. No idea what to paint the wheels however. I mean...a sand
from all the...well...sand blowing across WY [ which I still have
in some
clothes from a 3985 chase in '85...can't bring myself to wash
them ] or a
grungy black/brown from sitting in a frt yard in Pittsburgh.
So...take your
pick...there's all kinds of choices.

Mike Brock

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