Re: USRA 100-ton gondola car proposal

Rich Yoder

I recently imported this one in "O" scale.

Sincerely, Rich Yoder
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Hi Al,

TSC #9 has plans for a "U.S.R.A. Standard All-Steel 100-Ton Gondola Car"
on pages 986-7

To my knowlege, this car class was never built.

- Claus Schlund

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Ooops, title said gon but text said flat car (I just sent off a WW2
flat car article to my editor) >> yes FB GONDOLA

Al Kresse

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What would be loaded on a flat car, that would be removed using a
rotary dumper? I'll confess to confusion.

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

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Folks, I'm told that the USRA floated out a proposal for a 100-ton
capacity flat car and that it was published in a CBC or journal.
anyone have a copy of the support for the proposal and the GA drwg
how detailed it got being floated out for response and later voting?
Or did it even exist?

The C&O, N&W, and Virginian (and maybe Pennsy) were serious about
specialized cars built for rotary dumpers.

Al Kresse


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