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Michael Aufderheide

The following GN cars from Monon conductors logs from mid 1948 to early 1950.  This information only as far as it concerned the work for that day.  Most final destinations are unknown.  I have included interchanges for the pick-up and destination stations listed.  I know the car was left at that station but not if it was interchanged or sent to a local industry. 
Date, Train, Road, Type, Number, Contents, Picked Up, Left, Destination.
8/10/48 Train X26N GN flat #66143 “tank” load picked up Ladoga IN, left Lafayette IN, dest Chicago.
8/23/48 Train 42 (nb local) GN box #47856 mty picked up Bloomington IN, left Romney IN, dest Romney.
9/24/48 Train 43 (sb local) GN hopper #73290 “coal” load picked up Wallace Jct. IN, left Bloomington IN, dest Gosport Jct. (PRR interchange)  [likely loaded on Monon’s Midland Branch.]
1/10/49 Train X63N GN box #45461 “lime stone” load picked up Limedale IN, left Bainbridge IN, dest Lafayette Jct (WAB, NYC, NKP interchange)
10/1/49 Train 73 (sb through frt) GN auto boxcar #43564 “springs” load picked up Linden IN (NKP Interchange) left Bloomington IN, dest L&N in Louisville.  [load may be for Ford in Louisville]
10/9/49 Train 72 (nb through frt) GN box #51232 “merchandise” load picked up Bloomington IN, left Lafayette IN, dest Monon IN freight transfer shed.

11/24/49 Train 43 (sb local) GN box #51184 “lumber” load picked up Lafayette IN, left Roachdale IN, dest. Roachdale. (BO interchange)
12/26/49 Train X65N GN hopper #73546 “company coal” load picked up Midland IN, left Wallace Jct. IN, dest Bloomington IN. [ for roundhouse or derrick? steam locomotives are gone by this date)
2/5/50 Train 72 (nb through frt) GN box #11184 “earth” load picked up Ames IN (PRR, NYC interchange) left Bloomington IN, dest Chicago.
2/27/50 Train 71 (sb through frt) GN box #52069 “lime stone” load picked up Limedale IN (PRR interchange) left Lafayette IN, dest Alida IN (BO interchange)
Mike Aufderheide

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I intend to try and do a clinic on Great Northern freight cars in
interchange and would love to hear samples of GN cars shown to be
on "foreign"roads. I would appreciate receiveing info on the GN car
number, location or in a train headed where from where? Info on what
the load was, perhaps even where originated and where bound for, if
applicable, would be "icing on the cake". If my e-mail can't be deduced
from the posting it is staffan dot ehnbom at telia dot com.

Staffan Ehnbom

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