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Here are some GN cars loaded at the CN Tiffin no. 2 elevator,
Midland, Ontario, Canada, during WWII--

15.1 % moisture content 2Y corn ex steamer Phillip Minch from
Chicago, unloaded April 11/12, 1942--

GN 45152 1 April, 1943 2000 bushels

GN 23870 5 April, 1943 2000 bushels

#1 wheat ex steamer Mathewston from "Lakehead" (Fort William or Port
Arthur, ON) unloaded 26 April, 1942--

GN 42740 5 May, 1942 1900 bushels

GN 52300 8 May, 1942 2000 bushels

#1 wheat ex steamer Emperor (origin port not given), unloaded 20/21
June, 1942--

GN 9372 4 November, 1942 1500 bushels

#1 wheat ex steamer Secord from Port Arthur, ON, unloaded 20/21 July,

GN 49848 7 November, 1942 2000 bushels

These are just a few. I'm sure that I'll find more if I look further
in the ledger.

Hope that this helps,

Steve Lucas.

P.S. For the benefit of STMFC members, just about every US road's
cars appear on this ledger as having been loded at the Tiffin
elevator within a three-year timeframe from 28 August, 1941 to 10
July, 1944. As the elevator had a 4 1/2 million bushel capacity, a
lot of grain moved through it.

Some examples--

OSL 307294 2000 bushels #2 wheat 12 Feb., 1943.
OWR&N 188806 2000 bushels #2 wheat 14 Feb., 1943.
ERIE 79144 2000 bushels #2 wheat 14 Feb., 1943.
L&N 5540 1600 bushels #2 wheat 14 Feb., 1943.
ATSF 127978 2000 bushels #2 wheat 8 March, 1943.

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I intend to try and do a clinic on Great Northern freight cars in
interchange and would love to hear samples of GN cars shown to be
on "foreign"roads. I would appreciate receiveing info on the GN car
number, location or in a train headed where from where? Info on
the load was, perhaps even where originated and where bound for, if
applicable, would be "icing on the cake". If my e-mail can't be
from the posting it is staffan dot ehnbom at telia dot com.

Staffan Ehnbom

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