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This reminds of hearing, years ago, that GN modelers had many
disagreements about exactly what the GN green really is: is it Pullman
green, or dark olive green like the Harriman Lines green, or is it
close to military olive drab?
I do know that at least one commercial paint calling itself
"GN green" is an accurate match to SP color chips for "Dark Olive"
passenger car paint, and NOT to Pullman green.
Can the GN folks on the list bring me up to date on this
issue? I'd be interested.

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According to GN Ry. stencil diagram #33257 dated 8/3/41 for NW-3 locomotives,
reprinted in by GNRHS in Reference Sheet #21, the green is clearly labeled "Pullman
Green" with Duco color number 254-4558 and Dulux color number 88-4552 being given.
If you really want to see the fur fly, discuss the color of GN steam locomotive boiler
jackets, GN diesel lettering colors, or the color of the roofs of GN heavyweight passenger
cars. Just not on this list, please.
To bring this message back on topic, the green color on GN's plywood boxcars is given
as Pullman Green by John Westley in GNRHS reference sheet #171, and GN stencil diagram
#25985 dated 5/18/44 was reproduced in GNRHS reference sheet #37. It lists the color
as "green" and states "for colors, see goat monogram drawing 27774". An earlier version
of the goat monogram drawing numbered 198 had apparently been used on some cars as
well, and was lined out on diagram #25985. Unfortunately, neither monogram diagram is
reproduced in RS #37.
It is a moot point probably, because you are better off matching the paint to the decals
you are going to use. And FWIW, IMHO you should replace the decals that come with the
Sunshine kits with Champ set HB-528. The "font" (sorry Tony) is not accurate in the
included lettering. I believe we may be getting another set of decals for these cars, but
that is in the future. The Champ decals are still available if you need them now.

Robert D. Heninger
Iowa City, Iowa

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