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Larry Fink wrote (in a great post):
GN 76478 (GS) gondola with "Company Run-of-Mine Coal" destined
for "Chisn"(?).
Betcha that would be "Chian" (Cheyenne).
The most interesting thing to me in the list is the number of
cars with coal or other bulk loads. Also interesting to see so much
LCL, and even a stock car with lumber.

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Chian representing Cheyenne is a good guess, and there is no station
that starts "Chi" in UP's list. However, that same conductor
(Harrison) spelled out Cheyenne 4 other times for cars in the train.
So, I don't know...

Members might be interested to know of the 2,620 cars in the limited
records of UP trains in 1947-1948 (mainly in the Cheyenne area),
those 32 GN cars represent 1% of the total. SP was 2% of the cars,
and ATSF (not including SFRD) was also 2%. (Counting the 7 T&NO cars
would make the SP cars round off to 3%) Perhaps not unexpected is
that PFE cars were 17%. SFRD cars were themselves 2%. Refrigerator
cars made up 28% of all cars, 5% were hoppers and 16% some type of
gondola (with coal). The "home road" UP cars made up only 15% (not
counting PFE). PRR cars were 7%. NYC was pretty well represented
with 4%. I'm surprised ATSF and SP cars are not a larger
percentage. I wouldn't have guessed NYC would outnumber them. I'm
not too surprised at the number of PRR cars just because there were
so many. Are these figures consistent with your impressions, Tony?

By the way, I got to thinking about the cows in the GN boxcar. The
mean low-temperature for Cheyenne in December is 17 F with a
potential for sub-zero, and they were probably high-value dairy cows
(not for slaughter) owing to their California destination. Plus, it
was coupled right behind the Challenger's tender for possible special
attention (and maybe to avoid slack action). So maybe it's not too
strange to ship livestock in a boxcar under those conditions?


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