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I haven't found any ORER's showing the additional height of the altered CB&Q cars. Perhaps, as they were in that specific service and would not otherwise be available, there was no point to putting through an amendment to the listing, and once the B-26 service was completed and the cars returned to general service, the lack of amendment was forgotten. These cars (and the "bomber boxes" on flat cars) were covered in Burlington Bulletin #15.

Rupert Gamlen
Auckland NZ

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A trivia question -
What was the tallest Steam Era Freight Car in interchange service
as measured from the rail?
Larry Fink
Hi Larry
Evidently, the tallest was the 17'-3" CB&Q extended-height XA-14D
cars circa 1942-1944 reported by Rupert Gamlen .....the extended height of the CB&Q cars didn't make it into the ORER (or did it)?

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