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Jim Betz


If you ask 10 GN modelers what is the "true" color of GN
Green (or Empire Builder Green ... or Pullman Green) you
will get 15 different answers ... it's a never ending
discussion on GNGoat. The orange isn't any easier. And
the question doesn't seem any closer to being resolved
than it was at the time you refer to below.

My personal answer is "they are -all- correct". Meaning
that when I look at any kind of "evidence" I always get a
different answer. And each guy (who is willing to take a
stand) seems to pick his own special set of "evidence".

Yeah, when we are talking the era of the Orange and Green
Empire Builder and later you can make pretty strong 'proofs'
by using color formulas and what not. But the evidence also
seems to be equally strong that not every piece of equipment was
painted with paint that was mixed at the same time and to
the same specs ... or with the same color(s) underneath it ...
or photographed in the same light or with the same film ... or
printed with the same 'printer's eye' ... etc., etc., etc.

There -is- one point about all of this that is important
to be made. And that is that although most color pictures in
most books of trains (any road, any day) seem to indicate
that the color of the equipment was "very close to each other
from car to car" ... it seems that "fact" is heavily influenced
by the "printer's art". So even whether or not a given
passenger train on a given day looked pretty homogenous if
you looked at it from one side is somewhat in question. I
know that every time I look at an actual slide taken in the
STMFC period I don't see the kind of homogeneity of color
that you see in prints of said equipment in a book (which is
the primary resource/evidence of most "color cops").

So if you don't mind I'll just not say what shade I prefer
to use - whilst dodging the bullets. Aw shucks - why be a
wimp? I use Scalecoat and like it (most of the time).

- Jim in San Jose
(whose moniker on Yahoo Groups is OldRockyGN)

P.S. And who is suspecting that Sir Thompson was just "stirring
the pot" when he made this post. A real rabble-rouser!

--- In STMFC@..., Anthony Thompson <thompson@...> wrote:

This reminds of hearing, years ago, that GN modelers had
disagreements about exactly what the GN green really is: is it
green, or dark olive green like the Harriman Lines green, or is it
close to military olive drab?
I do know that at least one commercial paint calling itself
"GN green" is an accurate match to SP color chips for "Dark Olive"
passenger car paint, and NOT to Pullman green.
Can the GN folks on the list bring me up to date on this
issue? I'd be interested.

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