Re: colors for Great Northern . . .

Tim O'Connor

I believe Tony refers to Scalecoat GN Green, which is much darker
than SC GN Empire Builder Green. I find the SC EB Green to be a
good match for -faded- GN EB Green (which I have seen personally)
but not for factory-fresh EB Green which is darker and browner. The
recent Walthers (P2K) F units and passenger cars in EB colors are
a near match to my Railway Classics and Challenger passenger cars.
When it comes to these colors on freight cars, consistency is less
important than on locomotives and passenger cars. The SC EB
orange is, IMO, very close to the original. I can tell you first hand
that many colors & combinations have been produced by vendors,
including brass models. I'm sure this is why the topic is so active
among GN modelers.

Tim O'Connor

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From: "Dave Nelson" <Lake_Muskoka@...>
Am currious: which one?

Dave Nelson

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I do know that at least one commercial paint calling itself "GN
green" is an accurate match to SP color chips for "Dark Olive"
passenger car paint, and NOT to Pullman green.

Tony Thompson

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