Re: GN frt cars in interchange

Larry Kline

I don't have any paperwork from the WM but I do have Bill Price
slides, B&W photos and videos of WM freight trains in the vicinity of
Cumberland MD, circa 1951-1954. WM was primarily a bridge route so
westbound trains are headed for interchange with the P&WV or the P&LE.
Eastbound trains are headed for eastern destinations on the WM or
interchange, primarily with the RDG.

I can identify 9 GN 40 ft boxcars. I can't read car numbers but I have
tentatively identified car types based on GN rosters and photos, car
height compared with adjacent, identifiable cars, door type, the
bottom of the car side (e.g. straight or tabs), and the ends when
visible. Here is the list:
Video clip, train 1, westbound, 3 GN boxcars in a six car string:
postwar AAR, 30000 series, 25000 series
Video clip, train 2: GN 30000 series
Price slide set 16, slide 16: GN 30000 series
Price slide set 41, slide 14: GN 30000 series, westbound
WM Steam Album, page 99, GN AAR SS wood sides, eastbound
Steam in the Alleghenies, page 61, postwar AAR, westbound (Bob Collins
Bob Lorenz photo: truss rod SS boxcar, Hagerstown, 1949

Larry Kline
Pittsburgh, PA

Staffan Ehnbom wrote:
I intend to try and do a clinic on Great Northern freight cars in
interchange and would love to hear samples of GN cars shown to be
on "foreign"roads. I would appreciate receiveing info on the GN car
number, location or in a train headed where from where?

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