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Rod Miller

Hi Tony,

I don't know whether you were attempting to provide
a complete list of paints that match Dark Olive. In
the event that you were, you forgot to mention PBL's
Star Brand paint "UP/SP/Rio Grande Dark Olive". I
haven't tested it, and wonder if anyone has.



Anthony Thompson wrote:

Dave Nelson wrote:
Am currious: which one?
in reply to my message-----
> I do know that at least one commercial paint calling itself
"GN green" is an accurate match to SP color chips for "Dark Olive" passenger car paint, and NOT to Pullman green.<
The Accuflex "GN Green" (paint #16-65) was an excellent match to the SP "Dark Olive" paint chip. Polly S "Olive Drab," #500850 or FS 33070, was also quite close. Scalecoat's "Pullman Green" was not at all close to the SP chip, while Model Masters (Testors) "Olive Drab" (#1711 or FS 34087) is pretty close, though too green and without the balance of yellow and brown in the SP chip.
These of course are SP paint conclusions, but note that the Accuflex color, called "GN Green," is not at all close to the Scalecoat "Pullman Green," though the latter is not a bad match to the paint chip in Arthur Dubin's Pullman paint chips in his Kalmbach painting book.
I will leave it to the GN experts to say whether this "GN Green" is the same as "Empire Builder Green."
Tim O'Connor wrote:
>I believe Tony refers to Scalecoat GN Green, which is much darker than
SC GN Empire Builder Green. <
No. I did not test either color.
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