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Bob Anson

thanks John, very much appreciate your time...

Bob Anson %~)

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i posted photos in files section, gonna guess no help out there...


Your photos are somewhat out of focus, but assuming the end is an

R-3-4 Early Improved Dreadnaught, the closest cars I was able to find are:

CIL 1601-1690

http://www.rr- fallenflags. org/monon/ mon1620amf. jpg

http://www.rr- fallenflags. org/monon/ mon1620bmf. jpg

http://www.rr- fallenflags. org/monon/ mon1620cmf. jpg

PRR X44 604000-604999

http://tinyurl. com/5co55b

As Andy mentioned, the door panels are not exactly correct, but my

notes show both of these cars have 16 panel sides, 8' Improved

Youngstown door, diagonal panel roof, R-3-4 Early Improved Dreadnaught

ends. Photos appear to confirm tabbed side sill.

Hope this is helpful,

John Hile,

Blacksburg, VA

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