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Stokes John


You may not have heard this, but it has been discussed on other groups and NWSL has been sold to Oso Publishing and etc. makers of several HO and O scale kits, and railroad book publisher, and is is being said that the new owner intends to keep the NWSL product line intact. He is moving the production and inventory to their headquarters in Montana from Seattle.

While I would doubt that a successful product like the chopper II would be discontinued, I would recommend anyone interested in its continuance contact Oso directly.
John Stokes
Bellevue, WA

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Bill,I totally agree. I have had the Chopper 1 and 2. The 2 is much better but I wish it had more holes for the clamps. I have been using mine to true up the sides of the 1/2 boxcar ends used on the 2 Sunshine ATSF GA-6 & 8 gons I have just built. Sincerely,Rob Manley----- Original Message ----- From: lnbill To: STMFC@... Sent: Wednesday, September 03, 2008 12:44 PMSubject: [STMFC] In Praise of the NWSL ChopperI just finished scratch building "board by board" a double-board roof using the latest version of Northwest Shortline's "Chopper" and it is so much better than the original. The new version has an easily replaceable rubber mat which is important since it will eventually become scored by the blade. Just as significant to me the blade of the single razorblade is held much more rigidly, resulting in a cut that much more square on the end.I mention all of this as NWSL is up for sale and as we are learning, things change when this happens, including things disappearing altogether.Bill Welch

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