Re: Very early intermodal cars - Clejan Spinecar available in N Scale

Peter Ness

Hi Peter,

You can feel a little less guilty about discussing the Clejan
TOFC's. The cars were originally designed and fabricated in 1955
(cars 18000-18001) for the New Haven RR. The production cars (18100-
18299) were assembled by the New Haven (Readville Shops) in 1956.
Due to the convergence of too many factors to list (but chief among
them the clumsy loading system for trailers on these cars, the
emergence of the TrailerTrain consortium and the advent of the ACF
Type 1 hitch), the cars were not well recieved and these same cars
were sold (or leased? - need someone with SP data here) to the
Southern Pacific.

The NHRHTA published an article on these cars in the Association
publication "Shoreliner" a decade or so ago. You can try contacting
them at nhrhta DOT org for assistance, failing that, contact me off
group if you are interested in historical background on these cars.

Hope this helps,
Peter R. Ness

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Just creeping into the timescales of the group - with one photograph
to my knowledge of these cars being hauled by steam too - we are
about to release N Scale Kits of the Clejan spine cars. Introduced
1959, Clejan spine cars were one of three early specific intermodal
methods, after early methods used converted flatcars.

The cars were run by Southern Pacific, New Haven, Erie and KCS. We
have used detailed drawings to produce the cars which will be
available very shortly.

Details are at

The use of the cars was brief - and just out of the steam era; these
early spine cars are a classic transition car.

One of the uses of the cars was to transport autos from the Van Nuys
plant, and a specific autocarrier was developed for this operation.
Just look at those late '50s fins!


Peter Harris
N Scale Kits

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