Re: Midland Valley composite open hopper

Ed Hawkins

On Sep 5, 2008, at 6:16 PM, David wrote:

I am trying to find more information on Midland Valley open hoppers in
the series 9000-9024. Built by AC&F lot 2655 in 2-44, 2580cu.ft.
Doing a search of older posts I found the following:

AAR composite Emergency
design that was also constructed for the Missouri Pacific Lines (MP
63000-64199; I-GN 65000-65099; Mo-Ill 6200-6249; St.LB&M 65250-65499)
and the Midland Valley (9000-9024), all AC&F Lot 2605, built

The only picture I have is from Stagner's Midland Valley book. Have
plans of these cars ever been published (the AAR design, not
specifically the MV cars)? I would like to model several
of these cars in HO.
The 25 MV composite emergency 70-ton hopper cars were identical to the
1,200 cars built for MoPac. There exists a series of original AC&F
drawings for the cars at the Museum of Transportation in Kirkwood, Mo.
and copies can be made.

The general arrangement drawing number is 61-4944 and brake arrangement
is 61-4945. There are a number of other drawings of various steel
details such as underframe parts, side posts, and end parts.

Contact me off-list if you are interested.
Ed Hawkins

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