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David -

These cars in AC&F lot #2605 also included (50) cars in Mo-Ill series
#6200-6249. I have no concrete information on the MV cars; however,
the N&W also had VERY SIMILAR triple composite hoppers of this design
built in this time frame, and models of these cars HAVE been imported
in "O" scale by PSC (#15693) as N&W class H-4. (I have never been in
HO, so do not know about it, but you might check with someone
knowledgable about PSC's HO offerings - sometimes they imported the
same model in both scales).

The MP cars had composite (wood) sides and floors when built. In the
early 1950's (out of my time frame of expertise), all the wood was
replaced with steel. (PSC imported these, too.) Later in the
1950's, a number of these cars received tight bays (like a covered
hopper in class LO) and tight roofs. They kept the original diagonal
bracing on the sides. In this configuration they were classed LO and
used to haul cement.

I measured a couple of the prototype MP hoppers years ago. When
the "O" scale PSC model was imported, it checked on all dimensions
with the MP cars; even the slope sheet angle from horizontal was
correct. If that model is available in HO, it would make life a lot
easier for you!

<Parenthetically, things are not always as they appear. The 70-ton
quad offset side hoppers on MP (and M-K-T, Erie, etc.) were found to
have a different angle of their slope sheets from horizontal when
compared to the B&O/C&O quad offset hoppers from the same builder at
the same date. This was only revealed by careful measurement of the
prototype cars!>

As for drawings, they may be in the 1943 CBC (it is at home and I am
not). I recall that my drawings were in an early "Eagle" of the
MPHS, long out of print.

A.T. Kott

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I am trying to find more information on Midland Valley open hoppers
the series 9000-9024. Built by AC&F lot 2655 in 2-44, 2580cu.ft.
Doing a search of older posts I found the following:

AAR composite Emergency
design that was also constructed for the Missouri Pacific Lines (MP
63000-64199; I-GN 65000-65099; Mo-Ill 6200-6249; St.LB&M 65250-
and the Midland Valley (9000-9024), all AC&F Lot 2605, built 1943-

The only picture I have is from Stagner's Midland Valley book.
plans of these cars ever been published (the AAR design, not
specifically the MV cars)? I would like to model several
of these cars in HO.

David Snook
Wichita, Kansas

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