Re: Very early intermodal cars - Clejan Spinecar available in N Scale

Tim O'Connor

The Southern Pacific bought 150 79'6" Clejan flat cars in 1957,
and added 100 more 85' Clejan flats in 1959. SP acquired only 5
of the New Haven cars in 1961 (Note: error in Tony's SP Freight
Cars Vol. 3 book, page 296). SP rebuilt the 79'6" cars in 1961
to 85' and reconfigured them for container service. Overland
imported models of the New Haven flats (not correct for SP's
F-50-17) in HO scale. In 1964 SP began rebuilding all of their
85' cars to 89'. )The former Clejan cars received automobile
racks.) SP bought a total of 672 79'6" or 85' piggyback flats
from 1957 to 1960. The old Athearn 85' F85 is very similar to
the 50 SP F-70-17 flats bought in 1960, and it can be used as
is for the period 1960-1965. Half of the F-70-17's were leased
to PFE 1962-1964, operating with PFF reporting marks.

All of the prototype data (and lots more) is found in Tony's
SP Freight Cars Vol. 3 book. Everyone should have these books
if nothing else for the spectacular collection of photos!

Tim O'Connor

Hi Peter,
You can feel a little less guilty about discussing the Clejan
TOFC's. The cars were originally designed and fabricated in 1955
(cars 18000-18001) for the New Haven RR. The production cars (18100-
18299) were assembled by the New Haven (Readville Shops) in 1956.
Due to the convergence of too many factors to list (but chief among
them the clumsy loading system for trailers on these cars, the
emergence of the TrailerTrain consortium and the advent of the ACF
Type 1 hitch), the cars were not well recieved and these same cars
were sold (or leased? - need someone with SP data here) to the
Southern Pacific.
Hope this helps,
Peter R. Ness

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