Re: Train Order Boards

Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Armand Premo writes:

"I suspect that most members of this list are interested in prototype
operation.The movement of trains with freight and passenger cars are
rigidly controlled by schedules.Several questions regarding train order
boards:How do they function in relation to the scheduled movements of
trains?Why are they so seldom modeled?Is there a source for a model of

As Andy Sperandeo points out, the topic of train order signals is out of scope for the STMFC. As Andy also points out, Tomar makes a nice model. What he did not mention, Armand, is that you have stood quite close to the fully operational Tomar train order signals at Buford on my layout. Come November when the snow [ whatever that is ] begins to accumulate to the roof tops up there and you return once again to Paradise [ assuming the named thunderstorms have vacated the area ], I'll let you operate them.

Mike Brock

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