Re: Midland Valley composite open hopper

benjaminfrank_hom <b.hom@...>

David Snook wrote:
"I am trying to find more information on Midland Valley open hoppers
in the series 9000-9024. Have plans of these cars ever been published
(the AAR design, not specifically the MV cars)? I would like to model
several of these cars in HO."

The January 1986 issue of Mainline Modeler had a prototype article on
N&W Class H-4 triples by Roy Hurlbut with plans by Bob Hundman.
Additionally, if you're interested in building these cars, you might
want to get a copy of John Munson's article in the February 1986 issue
of Mainline Modeler, where he kitbashed a model of this car from two
Athearn War Emergency twins. While the kitbash ended up being more
involved than simply cutting and splicing two kit bodies together, it's
very creative modeling that's well worth reading.

Ben Hom

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