Re: MN&S express reefer

Jack Mullen

Cyril Durrenberger wrote:

I am doing some research on the Minneapolis, Northfield and Southern
in Minnesota...

Also there is an interesting photo of MN&S reefer 809.  The ORER's
from 1919 to 1934 list box cars in number series 800 to 810.  They
were not listed in 1939.  There are no reefers listed in the ORER's
for the MN&S.  Anyone know what is going on with these cars?
In 1935, cars 800-809 are listed as car type XI (insulated box,
although the description merely says "Box". Notice that reefer hatches
or hatch platforms aren't visible in the photo. The series is not
listed in Jan. 1940.
I've learned to be a bit skeptical of dates in rrpicturearchive.
Apparently it allows only an exact date to be entered, so 1/1/1940
doesn't necessarily mean the photos were taken that day. It could mean
that the info with the original photo said Jan 1940, or 1940, or circa
1940. (or the date could just be an error).

Jack Mullen

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