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Cyril Durrenberger asked:
"At the site listed below there is a photo of MN&S express
refrigerator 911 taken in 1940.  I do not find this listed in the
ORER's.  Does anyone know anything about these cars?  Number series,
number of cars, when they ran.  And, why would this line have this
sort of car when they stopped passenger service at about this time.
It appears that their passenger service was based on gas-electrics so
it is not clear that they would pull a very long train."

A few railroads listed express reefers and boxcars in the ORER, but
most did not. You need to go the the Official Railway Passenger
Train Equipment Register to find these cars. The M&NS may have
ceased passenger traffic in the early 1940s, but this car certainly
dates before that date, and would have been needed by the railroad to
cover any perishable express business.

"Also there is an interesting photo of MN&S reefer 809.  The ORER's
from 1919 to 1934 list box cars in number series 800 to 810.  They
were not listed in 1939.  There are no reefers listed in the ORER's
for the MN&S.  Anyone know what is going on with these cars?"

First, this car may look like a reefer but it appears to lack ice
hatches, making it an insulated boxcar. Additionally, another reason
it may not appear in ORER listings may be the car is not in revenue
service, either from M&NS 800-810 or from a paid-off wrecked foreign
road car. What are the dimensions and details from the ORER
regarding MN&S 800-810? Do they appear to match this car?

Ben Hom

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