Re: NC&StL 20000-21399 series XM-32 rebuilt short boxcars (was: Re: DS/SS split 1938; "Shorties"; help needed)

Ray Breyer

Hi Alan,

Sunshine is planning on releasing these cars at Naperville this year. I don't have their kit number handy, but these specific cars are on the meet paperwork (and Martin told me that the side rivet masters were complete about a month ago).

As for longevity, the last data I have handy says that there were 1174 of these cars in service in 1955. Over 1000 made it to the L&N buyout; I recently saw a photo float through Ebay of L&N 40729 from 1968 (the car was "patched" with the new L&N number and reporting marks, but was otherwise in the NC&STL yellow stripe scheme).

Ray Breyer

Monk Alan <> wrote:
Hi all,

On the subject of 'shorty' box cars (those of less than 40' length) has
there ever been a kit available for the N,C&St.L XM-32 class 38' steel
rebuilds in the 20000-21399 series.

I've searched the group archives and the only reference I've found is
message #17416 from 2003 and refers to a possible F&C kit - did this
ever see the light of day?? Failing a suitable kit, I'm rather tempted
to scratchbuild one or modify anything suitable. Those ends (inverse
Hutchins??) look interesting and does anyone have details of the roof
type please?? The side panels look to be 4-equal spaced panels either
side of the door (6' door??) Is anyone aware of a drawing available
(either on-line or published) of these rebuilt cars??

And lastly, I'm assuming these rebuilt cars lasted in service for some
while? I'm setting my layout in the mid-50s.

London, UK

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