Re: PRR X-31A Truck and Underframe Color Question

Gatwood, Elden J SAD


I personally have zero PRR cars with painted trucks; probably none for any
other railroad, either.

Painted trucks on the PRR, at least in my timeframe, were something I don't
remember seeing, nor do I have photos showing them. The most recent photo I
have seen with painted trucks was dated 1954, but I cannot assert that I know
that to be a comprehensive answer; in modeling a big fleet, you could
conceivably justify a few in earlier timeframes, since you have photos to
justify it.

Roofs were a whole different story, and there are enough photos to make
anyone looking for a "standard", go nuts trying to prove things one way or
the other. The Painting Instructions are confusing, so probably added to the
variety of treatments one can see. For good reason, I try to use photos for
the vast majority of my freight cars.

Elden Gatwood


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Gatwood, Elden J wrote:
There are many, many instances of employees (paint shop) painting
things that did not follow the "standards" being issued in the
company's instructions.
Exceptions are important, of course. But don't let yourself get
so carried away with them as to obscure the standard, which even on the
PRR <g> was presumably more common than the exceptions. Personally, I
want to know both: the standard AND the exceptions, and some notion of
how common were the latter.

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