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Guys -

Before this topic fades away, I wanted to point out a small error in
the MM plans and the PSC "O" scale model. The 1943 CBC does have the
correct general elevation and cross sectional drawings for these
cars. Careful examination of the two vertical side stakes adjacent
to the center stake on both the CBC drawing and the MP prototype cars
shows them to be a Z-brace and an angle brace riveted together, and
not a bulb brace like the remainder of the braces on the sides of the
car. They are riveted at the "web". Actually, the Z and angle
sandwich the interior bracing plate which passes through the "wood"
sides. You really have to look hard at the photos to notice this,
and be somewhat anal to include it in a model.

A.T. Kott

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David Snook wrote:
"I am trying to find more information on Midland Valley open hoppers
in the series 9000-9024. Have plans of these cars ever been
(the AAR design, not specifically the MV cars)? I would like to
several of these cars in HO."

The January 1986 issue of Mainline Modeler had a prototype article
N&W Class H-4 triples by Roy Hurlbut with plans by Bob Hundman.
Additionally, if you're interested in building these cars, you
want to get a copy of John Munson's article in the February 1986
of Mainline Modeler, where he kitbashed a model of this car from
Athearn War Emergency twins. While the kitbash ended up being more
involved than simply cutting and splicing two kit bodies together,
very creative modeling that's well worth reading.

Ben Hom

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