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My brain got stretched just going to the AMC roads >> adding the Erie, NKP and PM. Adding the B&O is too much also. As you get older, multi-tasking gets harder it seems. If I have a Pennsy question I quickly contact my buddy Richard Burg . . . a short couple of counties down the road. I'm getting into brain filing troubles with N&W and Virginian coal cars now.

My wife wonders why I can't remember her verbal list of three things to do before she gets back from work these days. It your damn computer stuff isn't it? You forgot to let the dog out at noon, etc.


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Al Kresse wrote:
"Class X28 and X28A alone means little to me. The C&O changed owners
and classes so many times that I gave up on grouping FCs and have
stayed more specific."

That may be true for the C&O, but to understand Pennsy freight cars,
you must understand the Class system. The Pennsy had so many freight
cars in many different number series that to refer to a specific number
series of cars often fails to tell the entire story of a particular
type of car. If can take the time to understand C&O freight cars, you
can certainly take the time to understand the Pennsy. There's
certainly no shortage of documentation.

Ben Hom

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