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I believe this law was the basis for litigation that led to a Supreme Court decision declaring it to be a violation of the Interstate Commerce Act and therefore, unconstitutional.

Jim Brewer
Glenwood MD

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> Folks,
> Maybe this a new subject?
> Do we have any information on State Legist's attempting to mandate
> maximum number of freight cars allowed per train?

Yes. Arizona had a law limiting freight trains to 70 cars and
passenger trains to 14; in the forties the SP tested it, and SP won.
The law dated to 1912; I don't know how consistently it'd been

(Found this by googling "train length law". If the link wraps, you
may need to type in the last few characters.)

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

> Andrew Dow's great N&W Coal Car book refers to that being a driving
> reason for building 120-ton and 90-ton "Battleship Gons" in the
> late teens and early twenties. Do we have copies of specific
> proposed rules?
> Were there Federal proposes also?
> Al Kresse

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