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Brian Paul Ehni <behni@...>

What scale? F&C already does a resin kit for these!

BTW, F&C's website STILL refuses to work on my Mac, either in Safari or
Firefox. That's just lame.

Brian Ehni

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Well The PRR F22 were flat deck short 100 ton cars used for hauling in
tandem big stuff like bridge beams. Oldies but lasted into the 70's.
The pilot is due soon.
O yea, they also hauled naval guns.

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gentleman: was wondering who makes a rtr heavy duty flat that fits
within our era,modeling the tail end of steam(1955-1960)and need a
heavy duty flat(s)not depressed center flats but flat deck....and
speaking of DCF,what will we see rtr DCF's????
Joel Norman--A&LO


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