Re: GS gon kits (was: How long would there be PRR gons in pre-circle keystone paint?)

Dean Payne

I thought the F&C gon was a flat kit (or kits, they come 2 in a
package). Maybe this is a newer version of the same kit. The
original ones didn't have any detail on the interiors of the side. I
think this would be a better approach than using the Bowser kit and
Stan Rydarowicz's resin ends (unless you already own the Bowser kit).
Dean Payne

--- In, "Andy Miller" <aslmmiller@...> wrote:

F&C makes a one-piece body resin kit for the GS gons with the brake
wheel on the "modern" side (The Bowser is correct for very early cars
before the standardization of safety appliances). The cost is
comparable to the Bowser kit and the detail can be much better.


Andy Miller
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From: Dean Payne
Sent: Tuesday, September 16, 2008 5:18 PM
Subject: [STMFC] How long would there be PRR gons in pre-circle
keystone paint?

. . .

I know, the brake wheel is on the wrong side, Nehrich says it's a
to fix.

Dean Payne

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