Re: Heavy Duty Flat

Kurt Laughlin <fleeta@...>

On my PC/Explorer I can expand the road name links to individual kit listings, and expand those to give details and a photo. If it works for me it may also work for him. It's difficult to diagnose a problem that doesn't happen to you. . .


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From: Bruce Smith

As we have been over multiple times in the past, the F&C home page
works fine, the problem is that when you try to view, say "HO Freight
Cars", you get a list of roadnames that then goes nowhere, or if you
select the kit number option, the same thing. Even Explorer cannot
seem to get beyond this on the Mac... and I'm pretty sure it doesn't
work on my PC laptop either. I've complained to Steve about this
flaw multiple times, but it has obviously not been fixed.

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