Re: F&C site

Larry Kline

The F&C web site has never worked correctly on my Mac.

I currently use OSX 10.5.4 and Firefox

I also tried Safari 3.1.2.

In both cases I can get to the links to the HO kits but the links don't work.

I have mentioned this to Sharon Funaro several times and she didn't seem very interested.

Larry Kline
Pittsburgh, PA

--- In, Ian Cranstone <lamontc@...> wrote:

Sorry Jerry, it doesn't make any difference whether I navigate to
this page from the base URL or directly from the subURL you have
given. I just can't get any further at this point with either Safari
3.1.2 or Firefox 3.0. I can't test Internet Explorer on this Mac as
the newer Intel machines don't include it anymore (I keep meaning to
get a copy from one of my older Macs for this computer), although any
Mac version is now somewhat archaic.

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