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Maybe this a new subject?

Do we have any information on State Legist's attempting to mandate
maximum number of freight cars allowed per train?

Andrew Dow's great N&W Coal Car book refers to that being a driving
reason for building 120-ton and 90-ton "Battleship Gons" in the late
teens and early twenties. Do we have copies of specific proposed rules?

Were there Federal proposes also?

Al Kresse

I think I remember reading something about limitations in train length
due to air brake performance. Not sure where I read it, but I thought
the PRR, prior to WWII, had train length limits for K brakes because
of concerns over the speed/effectiveness of air brake applications in
long trains. Can't remember where the rule came from (I think it was
100 cars) - could be regulatory, or could have been self-imposed - the
PRR had a few nasty runaways on the east slope just west of Altoona in
the early 1900's. My aunt (born in Altoona in 1920) remembers several
incidents as a child where runaways would crash into Altoona. Her
father was a PRR shop foreman, so I think her recollections were
likely accurate - my grandfather was a dedicated PRR employee (57 years).

I think the rule was relaxed as AB brakes came into use - and I
thought I remember reading that the train limit could be exceeded if
less than some percentage of cars were K brake equipped.

Could take me a while to remember the source of this. Anyone else?

Dave Evans

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