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One error I noticed - the link for the CGW car takes you to a B&LE boxcar. You can get around this by clicking on the CGW link and changing the number to 6351 in the URL. Hopefully there are no other HTML typos like this.


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I hacked there web page, try here

Allen Rueter

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Here's what I do to navigate from firefox

1) click on ho scale, so far so good
2) click on freight cars, no problem
3) move to the right to get in the right hand frame, right click
and down near the bottom of menu click on view frame source.
4) use the / (slash) operator to search for the road
5) select the part in quotes from ( href="HOFreight/7080.html" ),
^c (copy)
6) after the paste (^V) , press enter, bingo
(you should end up with

Allen Rueter


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