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That sounds like a great booklet!

I would be interested in the 1921 data which would be applicable to the purchasing by C&O/N&W/Virginian of Hi Capy Gons in that era and did any of the railroads have voluntary limits WAY BACK THEN.

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Al Kresse

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I have a 62 page booklet dated 1955 titled "Railroad Safety-Long Trains, Before the ICC".? It?list the Brotherhood of Locomotive Fireman and Engineers, and the Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen as petitioners for "The promulgation and enforcement of rules, standards, and instructions for installation, inspection, maintenance, and repair of power brakes".? The booklet came from my great grandfather who was a conductor for the Mopac in St Louis from the 20's to the 60's.? The booklet contains a lot of nice tables and information such as average length of trains 1921, 1938, 1940,1945,1950,and 1955, and average speed, average gross weight?and revenue tons per train hour for the same dates.? It also list by railroad, voluntary car limits by railroad.? There is also a section listing the hazards to public, employees, and property due to longer trains, and the "collateral detrimental effects of long trains contrary to public interest" such as long delays at grade crossings.? The booklet ha
s?a lot of interesting information and?data.

Brian Flynn?

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