Re: youngstown 4/6/6 doors

Steve Haas


Don't know if you bought them for the GN 12 panel cars or not (only you can
truly answer that <grin>), but that's what I bought 25 pair for!

Data I've collected over the years indicates the 4/6/6 doors were used on the
following GN series of 12 panel cars:

10900 - 11374 built '48 - some had 7 panel Pullman Standard doors

11375 - 11874 built '48 - some had 5 panel Pullman Standard doors

18500 - 19499 built '49

19500 - 20499 built '51

Note that Intermountain has cast two different ends for the 12 panel kit over
the years. Early models were a "4/3/thin" , later are a 4/3/0. Also, on some
series produced at the GN's St. Cloud shops, the top "rolling pin" on the
middle "3" panel is flat all the way across the bottom.

Best regards,

Steve Haas

Sammamish, WA

Brian J Carlson writes:

"I have two pair of Dan Hall 4/6/6 (counting from the top down) Youngstown

doors. I am not sure why I bought these. I think I planned to use a pair

for a GN 12 panel model. Does anyone know if the GN 12 panel cars used

these doors."

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