Re: The best lighting for kit-building.

Tim O'Connor


I don't know how "portable" you want, but I use swing-arm lights that
clamp to my work table. These are 200w Halogens with a low-hi mode
switch. I also have a magnifier light that takes a compact flourescent
(don't want to burn myself getting that close). Neither one cost much,
I think I got them both at Staples. The Halogens are quite tall, so the
top of my head doesn't get cooked...

Tim O'

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From: Denny Anspach <>

I ask the good kit builders on this list what ideal portable
shadowless lighting, or lighting arrangements that they are finding
ideal for their kit building work stations? Keep in mind that older
eyes require higher light levels, and they are unable to accommodate
to light level changes very well.


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