Re: IM 12 panel box car ends (was youngstown 4/6/6 doors)

Andy Carlson

I recall back to the days of these car's first releases. The GN (and SP&S) cars were the first ones released. The ends supplied with these cars were attached to the feeder sprues with gates on the "riveted" edge. The SP release followed with a new end- one that had the different top rib treatment. This end is noted in that the gates came in from the bottom end sill, and the edges were free of any gates. I noticed that later runs of the GN cars seemed to use either version end. At the time I thought the first version (GN) had better rib shape but poorer edge treatment. The later end had improved rib termination, but the rib itself was not as good as the earlier end.
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

--- On Mon, 9/22/08, Matt Sugerman <camas74@...> wrote:

I noticed that Intermountain had two different ends
also...Any idea why the change??? There
were certainly more GN and SP&S cars that were built
with the "skinny rib" EID end...

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