Re: The best lighting for kit-building.

Douglas Harding <dharding@...>

Denny, I also have one of the Ott-Lite, the one on the swing arm, it works great. I also have on my work bench two regular swing
arm lamp fixtures with "DayLight" brand curly bulbs that screw into a regular socket. Daylight is a brand from England that emits
a wonderful light similar to the Ott-Lite brand. They are available at Hobby Lobby, in the sewing section. While at Hobby Lobby,
in the same sewing section, look for Mag-Eyes - a magnifying device that is similar to an Opti-visior, but does not have the
"visor" effect. You can look up and over the Mag-Eyes to look at plans, the tool box, etc.

If you are still at Okoboji, come on over and I will show you what I used, down in my dark basement where there is no natural

Doug Harding

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