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Eric Hansmann

--- Joel Norman wrote:

Gentleman:Was wondering if there is anyone in this group modeling or
has modeling data on the pre B&O BR&P Railroad?Im in the process of
building a new HO layout based on the BR&P(as if the B&O didnt take
over in 1931)line from Ashford Jct to Rochester(and the rail ferry
to Canada).........based somewhat on the ideas of the V&O.



I've been a BR&P fan since I discovered the Paul Pietrak history of
the railroad back in 1976. Photographic coverage of the line in the
decade before B&O control is very hard to uncover. From what I can
gather, very little new rolling stock or locos were acquired in this
timeframe. The Van Swearingen brothers owned it for a portion of this
time, but it seems there were no upgrades similar to what they did
with the NKP, Erie and C&O. Bob Witt recommended the YahooGroups as
one starting point. I'd recommend the Pietrak book as another.

The railroad was owned by the Rochester & Pittsburgh Coal Company for
many years. The R&P company archives ended up at the Indiana
University of Pennsylvania library in the late 1980s. I do not know
how much has been cataloged, but it may be worth a check there. Of
course, these details would pre-date the B&O ownership by a number of

Eric Hansmann
Morgantown, W. Va.

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