Re: The best lighting for kit-building.

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Denny, I use a clamp-on magnifying lamp of the sort that has
a circular fluorescent blub around the lens. As nearly shadow-free
as you can ask. A 60W halogen stands off to one side for those
extra-bright moments and sometimes I use it as a side-light under
the main lens. Both came from a sewing store.
I find that at my post-retirement age, a goodly amount of general
room lights is also needful. Otherwise when I need to look away from
the workbench, I waste time waiting for eyes to adjust.
I also have a special set of workbench glasses, apart from my regular
reading glasses. The workbench glasses are the same prescription
on top as my reading glasses are on the bottom. The lower part of
the workbench glasses are extra close focus. Not to replace
Opti-visors, but just to get closer than my readers allow. Like
checking to make sure your airline anglecock brackets are properly
bolted in place. (GRIN)
Chuck Peck
A continuing problem that increasingly plagues my modeling is
lighting- lighting that no matter how bright creates blinding
and stark contrasts that commonly stretches 5 minute tasks into
maddening and quite tedious marathons.

I ask the good kit builders on this list what ideal portable
shadowless lighting, or lighting arrangements that they are
ideal for their kit building work stations? Keep in mind that
eyes require higher light levels, and they are unable to
to light level changes very well.


Denny S. Anspach MD
Okoboji, IA

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